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    WSO2 AM: Connect Once Consume Many


    The Dutch government register basic information in database on a national level. Information on citizens, corporations, buildings and more. In addition these information are accessible through APIs

    Unfortunately these services are not homogenous and uniformed and bringing changes to these massive services is a task that can be costly and time consuming and maybe even politicly sensitive.

    In order for regional and national public institution to use these services, each and institution need to develop customised services specific for each backend. This is costly investment since all regional government institutions need to implement and maintain the same services for each backend.

    WSO2 API Manager

    Implementing WSO2 API Manager to solve this problem has reduce development cost significantly. The principal is  for all regional player national players is to connect once  and consume multiple different services without having insight

    We built WSO2 API Management platform to manage lifecycle APIs . In combination with Enterprise Integrator to we transform messages to the right format and deliver to its rightful backend.



    WSO2 API Manager is composed by different component. Each component plays a key role in a API Management and  lifecycle.

    • Publisher is crucial for defining and creating new APIs
    • Development Portal is for managing application and API subscriptions
    • Gateway is the principal component. All API request are funnel through this component.
    • Traffic Manager is for keeping track of throttling on API and API resources as wel as applications.
    • Key-manager / Identity Server is important since most API request need to be authenticated and authorized.

    These components mentioned above are setup as one software package. Unfortunately it brings some uncertainties along with it depending on your use case.

    e.g. Latency can be an issue in a situation of high throughputs as well as autoscaling in case this is desirable 

    In this use we needed a platform that is robust, modular, lightweight and capable of withstanding high throughputs. That is why we adopted for the distributed setup where each component live on its own virtual machine.

    With this setup way the API Manager could withstand 47.3 Billion messages a year which is equivalent to (1500 TPS) with the following configuration:


    By implementing this strategy, we were able to connect regional e-gov application rapidly and start consuming these services in no-time!


    If you like to know more about this study case please contact us.